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Weekly Recap: Culture (part 1 of 3)

As Daily Thoughts is taking a short summer hiatus, this week we are sending you a few of our favourite posts on Culture which we hope you will enjoy. Got any specific requests on posts you would like to see again? Email us at laura-proctor@thechalfontproject.com [1]

15 things to look for in a culture

In the last few weeks, for a number of reasons, I have had lots of conversations about ‘corporate culture’ and in particular  ‘what to measure’. I must confess I am rather skeptical of culture surveys because they usually presuppose a specific model behind that you have to marry (or at lest romance) before any survey. I am more interested in what I would look for through the lenses of organizational  anthropology.  I did publish this list about  a year ago but I bring it back now because these recent conversations made me think that it is very relevant: