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What do you do with that guy who does not want change and/or is very negative?

Option 1: You try to convince him with rational and emotional explanations about the need for change and the importance of moving forward positively

Option 2: You threaten him by saying that he must be on board, or else.

Option 3: You put up with him and try to minimise his impact.

Option 4: You complain about the situation with any other human being around, but not him

Option 5: You put him in a room with 9 other very positive people who want change; you create a team of 10 and you give them a collective task.

Only one option has a high probability of success. Very high.

Option 1 is probably a waste.

Option 2 works only if you are his direct supervisor, and, even that, he may get away with murder.

Option 3 is called ‘life as usual’, ‘nothing I can do with Jim, he is like that, unlikely to change Jim unless there is divine intervention’.

Option 4 is what you see all the time, and nothing changes.

Only one option has a very, very high probability of success.