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When necessary use words

Saint Francis of Assisi is a 13th Century figure revered as a Saint by the Catholic Church, and who founded three religious orders. He is considered the Patron Saint of the environment, and also of Italy, as a country. Although always a key figure within the Catholic Church tradition, his name has been heard louder recently, because the current Pope, as soon as he was elected, took his name: Pope Francis. As a result some renewed interest on what Francis of Assisi did or said has seen the light.

The very best quote I know is this: ‘Preach the Gospel all the time; when necessary use words’. When necessary use words! I declare Francis of Assisi the Patron Saint of Management! Or at least Behavioural Change, Viral Change ™ , Leadership … and a few other stocks on the shelves of the Management Supermarket.If we could just have this motto at the front of the management house, where we talk, and talk, and talk and talk.

We are 90% talk, 10% action. 90% thinking of doing, planning for doing, brainstorming for doing, deciding about doing, creating the Doing Strategic Plan, and 10% doing.

‘When necessary use words!’