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Yes, there is a new workplace now. It’s called culture.

If you want to have a conversation about the future of work, the nature of work, the post-pandemic work, the overrated back to normal, don’t start with hybrid versus non-hybrid, flexible versus non-flexible, zooms or no zooms, work from home or work from anywhere. It’s the wrong start.

The conversation is about the culture you have, want, need, hate, want to reshape. The culture as the petri dish where everything grows, good or bad. Focus on culture. This is the real driver. This is the true conversation.

If the post-pandemic triggers any conversation at all, culture is the literature. Workplace is the grammar.

The culture of your company is your workplace now.  If anything, the workplace/place and space of work, is within the culture. Culture is not something within the workplace.

Culture first, number of zooms and number of days within the office walls, second.

I for one think that those physical walls and corridors are incredibly important. But this is a grammatical issue.




Time to focus on culture. Good news – we have the tools to help you.

Feed Forward 90 Day Programme

Machines work on feed back, minds work on feed forward. Post Covid-19 we won’t need a thermostat. We need a compass. Move North, East, West or South, but never back to normal. Because normal is not waiting for us. To combat the organizational impact of the pandemic, we need a behavioural counter-epidemic inside the company. This can be done but requires minds and hearts to get together in a real social movement, not the traditional ‘change programme’.

We have been driving cultural and behavioural change in organizations for many years and we are ready to help you now, using the Five Disciplines of Viral Change™ [1]:

1. Behaviours (what are your key behaviours?)

2. Peer to peer networks (the greatest force in any organization)

3. Influence (identify your key influencers)

4. Storytelling (stories are more powerful than facts)

5. Leadership (which needs to own the ‘new normal’).

In this 90-day programme, we will guide you through and help you create sustainable behavioural and cultural change across your organization/team/department.


Contact us [2] how to find out more information or to discuss further with our team.