- Leandro Herrero - https://leandroherrero.com -

‘You make sense’, is the greatest compliment in the era of non-sense-making

I explained to a client the logic and principles of the Viral Change™ Platform. I did not want to sell Viral Change ™. I explained the logic. The client said ‘it makes sense’, with a tone closer to an ‘alas, sometimes that makes sense’. Viral Change™ was sold, because it made sense amongst other things that don’t.

I have visited a physician for a second opinion and she explained her logic. All the pieces of that logic came down, one after another, in an unpretentious, unassuming, manner, in an unpretentious, unassuming hospital that is the leader in the world in its specialty. In the end, she made sense where others had given me facts and figures and statements that were surely good but that did not make sense when all put together. She made sense.

A client has taken time to explain to his people what is behind a paraphernalia of corporate jargon and an information tsunami, which had been presented to them with great fanfare, and at huge communications agency cost. He made sense of it all, he provided the meaning and, more importantly, the pointers for the meaning, so people could make sense of it themselves.

‘It makes sense’ is a beautiful epiphany of the mind, suddenly grasping the meaning, providing comfort, elevating the discussion to a human (not word permutation) level.

Sense making is precious territory. You can’t fabricate it. But, if you see it, or experience it, or provide it, you are at serious trust level, and, as such, at a high human level of interaction with your fellow travellers.