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End of Week Summary: Behavioural Change

Happy weekend to all our Daily Thoughts readers!

This week at we have been focusing on Behaviours – after all, one of our mantras at The Chalfont Project [1] and Viral Change™ [2] is “there is no change unless there is behavioural change“. It is so integral to all the work we do here that we decided to dedicate two weekly summaries to our favourite posts on this topic…read on for part 1 and check back next Sunday for part 2.


Daily Thoughts run up to end of the year (3/5) The real readiness trick is behavioural. The rest is commentary. [3]

The curious case of management bad sync: the video and the audio don’t match [4]

The ‘quick win-win’ theory, and tactics, often lead to people being put off quickly [5]

All the best for the week ahead!

The Daily Thoughts Team