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End of Week Summary: Storytelling

Happy Easter to all our Daily Thoughts readers! We hope you are having an enjoyable weekend and that the sun is shining wherever you are!


For this edition of our Weekly Summaries, we decided to focus on “Storytelling” – a key aspect of our Viral Change™ [1]Mobilizing Platform. Good storytelling enables an organization’s positive behaviours to spread, bottom-up, throughout the workforce. For all the most recent posts on this topic, click here [2] or read on for three of our favourites…


There is a colossal world replay of the Asch’ conformity experiment, and you are part of it. [3]


Heroic corporate stories build motivation for a future. Routine stories of achievement show that the future is already here. [4]


Segment, segment, segment. Add these three words to the dictionary of Internal Communications. [5]


We hope you enjoy this week’s selection!


The Daily Thoughts Team