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Manchester, we cry. Calling all competent ex-terrorists

It’s just simply impossible to go business as usual after the Manchester events. Yet, the best thing we could do after the shock, the sympathy and the anger (no particular order) is to make the best of our work, our lives, our sense of duty.

It is perhaps unfair that we are surrounded by horrors across the world but only react with deep emotions to those close to home. Yet it is inevitable as humans, and no necessarily a sign of moral failure.

I feel slightly embarrassed to look at the events and the behavioural fabric underneath through my professional glasses. It feels as if I should leave those glasses at the door. But, I wear those glasses all the time. What can I do?

My professional life is largely focused on helping organizations, public and private, to create large scale behavioural and cultural change, to organize internal social movements that bank on the combined power of non negotiable behaviours, peer to peer influence (the power of social imitation I describe in Homo Imitans), the informal day to day interactions, storytelling and backstage leadership. Those are the ingredients of the Viral Change™ Mobilizing Platform. [1]

With those glasses, I can tell you that that, addressing the mega problem in front,  I would put my money on number two in that list: peer to peer. I’ll explain.

In fact, my ridiculous oversimplification of options looks like this:

I know there are about another hundred things you can do but I would put my money and energy on this one.

I can’t help feeling guilty of enormous oversimplification for such complex system, a true wicked problem of our lives. My intention is to draw attention to a point in the complex web of interconnected hubs in the network of this epidemic where there is a lot that can be done locally. Now. Orchestrated like a good social movement, propwrly organized.  (PS: not the same as Protest Groups)

Streets of Manchester 1, UN Security Council  nil. There is where it can be cooked. Peer pressure at a massive scale. No apologies.

PS. Here some previous Daily Thoughts on these principles:

A behavioural epidemic can’t be fought from within. It needs a behavioural counter-epidemic to take over [3]

Don’t fight an epidemic of bad things. Create a counter-epidemic of good ones. [4]

Counter-fundamentalism secret weapon is yet to be deployed fully. Homo Sapiens drops bombs. Homo Imitans changes minds [5].

PS2. Just checked that the web domain www.exterroristslikeme.com is available for 9.95 US dollars