Leandro Herrero is CEO of the consulting firm The Chalfont Project Ltd, a global firm of organizational architects, and Managing Partner of Viral Change™ Global LLP.

Leandro Herrero, organizational architect, is on a quest to Build Remarkable Organizations. This is at the core of his consulting work, whether translated into leadership, management of change (particularly large scale behavioural change), organizational strategy or management innovation. He leads two organizations, The Chalfont Project Ltd and Viral Change™ Global LLP, the latter exclusively dedicated to the creation and implementation of large-scale behavioural and cultural change.

In 2014 The Chalfont Project launched a Certified Associate Programme of ‘Accelerators’. These are short, high impact organizational interventions (one day or two) exclusively designed by Leandro Herrero and now for the first time offered to practitioners (individual or in-house ) who want to use new, differentiated and exclusive tools in areas such as accelerating change, innovation, team alignment, leadership or cross-collaboration.

These are examples of what Leandro Herrero is leading, or has recently lead, with his teams in either The Chalfont Project or Viral Change™ Global:

Health Service Executive in Ireland to deliver better experiences to those who use their services, and create better workplaces for staff.
Creating a new behavioural DNA for a leading pharmaceutical company after acquisitions and growing so that change-ability becomes a permanent competence.
Shaping a new culture in parts of the school transportation system in the USA and Canada so that anybody from kids to school governors can see the difference.
A behavioural safety programme in a major global oil and gas company, focused on large scale change, no training or compliance.
Working with Communication directors to reinvent their corporate function.
The creation and deployment of a new leadership model for a major European energy company so that the new behavioural DNA becomes universal for the company
Working with top leaders in a pan-European insurance company to develop their change ability skills. 
Creating the behavioural fabric of a pan-European telecom company so that a full integration of process and systems may take place for real.
Transforming the culture in a European insurance company after several acquisitions and ‘unfinished mergers’.
Helping parts of the UK local government to shape their own, new, outwards-looking culture.

Building Remarkable Organizations

Viral Change™ in action

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 Certified Associate Programmes Designed By Leandro Herrero